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Rationale:- homework at Lakes Creek State School aims to be educationally enhancing experience by revising concepts covered in class. A reasonable amount of time for homework has been set so as not to create stress within already busy family routines.

Mathematics and English are the key learning areas covered as part of the homework program. A gradual increase in the time spent on homework has also been adopted to create more demand and challenge as the children move through the year level.

Homework is set for each year level on a daily basis. Children are expected to complete this work prior to attending class the following day.

For each year level there is a maximum expectation for time to be spent on homework tasks.

Homework overview

Year 1 -  Sight words, counting and reading (maximum time - 15 minutes)

Year 2 and 3 - sight words and spelling, number facts and reading (maximum time - 25 minutes)

Year 4 and 5 - spelling, number facts and reading (maximum Time - 35 minutes)

Year 6 - spelling, number facts and reading (maximum time - 45 minutes)

Please note: teachers may also send home any class work that was incomplete during that day or project work that is current. Students will be required to complete this work as part of their homework routines.