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chaplaincy-role.docchaplaincy-role170 KB
Prep 2018 and Transition Statements.docxPrep 2018 and Transition Statements605 KB
Year Prep1 Booklist 2019.docxYear Prep1 Booklist 2019334 KB
Year  3 4  booklist  2019.doc x(1).pdfYear 3 4 booklist 2019.doc x(1)322 KB
Year 23 Booklist 2019.docYear 23 Booklist 2019246 KB
Year 45 Booklist for 2019.docxYear 45 Booklist for 2019212 KB
Year 56 Booklist Mrs Smith for 2019.docxYear 56 Booklist Mrs Smith for 2019212 KB
protect your digital lifestyle.docxprotect your digital lifestyle45 KB
Life Ed.docxLife Ed51 KB
Life Ed.pdfLife Ed106 KB
Step Into Prep.pdfStep Into Prep75 KB
Step-into-prep.pdfStep-into-prep75 KB
Regular School Attendance.pdfAbsence information Regular School Attendance205 KB
Student App - Enrol (Word).doc 2017.docApplication for student enrolment form (word version)Student App - Enrol (Word).doc 20172157 KB
2018 Term 1 Bulletin - Back to School Road Safety.pdfBack to School Road Safety Bulletin 20182018 Term 1 Bulletin - Back to School Road Safety839 KB
Bell times.docBell timesBell times37 KB
bullying-strategy.pdfBullying strategybullying-strategy766 KB
code-of-conduct.docCode of conductcode-of-conduct35 KB
Code of Conduct.pdfcode-of-conductCode of Conduct227 KB
Copyright 2018.pdfCopyright 2018Copyright 2018353 KB
curriculum-snapshot-2010-and-beyond.pdfCurriculum snapshotcurriculum-snapshot-2010-and-beyond77 KB
Enrol Agreement.docx 2018.pdfEnrolment Agreement 2018Enrol Agreement.docx 2018188 KB
School Improvement Unit - Lakes Creek State School_Executive Summary_2018.pdfExecutive Summary 2018School Improvement Unit - Lakes Creek State School_Executive Summary_2018432 KB
investing-for-success.PDFInvesting for Success 2019investing-for-success359 KB
numeracy-template-school-action-plan.pdfNumeracy template school action plannumeracy-template-school-action-plan60 KB
Parent Information Book.pdfparent-information-bookletParent Information Book624 KB
Extra Permissions 2018.pdfPermissions 2018Extra Permissions 2018208 KB
RBP  2018 V3.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan 2018RBP 2018 V31799 KB
school-logo.docxSchool logoschool-logo106 KB
school-logo.pdfSchool logoschool-logo98 KB
Pack a Pencilcase.pdfSchool Savvy by Centacare CQPack a Pencilcase8167 KB
School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning V3.pdfSchool Wide Positive Behavious for Learning School Wide Positive Behaviours for Learning V31936 KB
School Uniform.docxschool-uniform-pricelistSchool Uniform212 KB
student-disciplinary-actions.pdfStudent disciplinary actionsstudent-disciplinary-actions83 KB
Tuckshop-menu.docxtuckshop-menuTuckshop-menu60 KB
values-and-beliefs-within.docValues and beliefs withinvalues-and-beliefs-within36 KB
Year 1 2 booklist.docYear-1-2-booklist-2018Year 1 2 booklist247 KB
Year 3 booklist.docxYear-3-booklist-2018Year 3 booklist334 KB
Year 45 booklist.docYear-4-5-booklist-2018Year 45 booklist366 KB
Year 56 Booklist for 2018.docxYear-5-6-Booklist-2018Year 56 Booklist for 2018212 KB
Year Prep1 Booklist 2018.docxYear-Prep-1-booklist-2018Year Prep1 Booklist 2018334 KB